martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Luca Prodan

1981 - Time Fate Love

Lista de Temas:
03-Going up the country
04-Like London05-End of August
06-Brighton past
07-Virna Lisi (TV caliente)
08-Strange things
09-La pequeña muerte
10-Mount Etna erupts
11-Divided by joy
12-Time fate love


1997 - Perdedores Hermosos

Lista de Temas:
01. Perdedores Hermosos
02. Red Lights
03. Every Day
04. Raining in London
05. Reggae Blues
06. Billy (Lou Reed Song)
07. Nick's Song
08. Soul Love (David Bowie Song)
09. Runing Away
10. Solid Air


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